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Criminal Law

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If you have been charged with a crime, or are about to be charged with a crime, contact us for immediate assistance. It is very important that you obtain the advice of counsel as soon as possible. (806) 687-8111

You Have a Constitutional Right to Have an Attorney Present When Questioned by Police

It is your right under the United States Constitution to have counsel present when you are questioned by the police.

Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You in a Court of Law.

According to the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, you cannot be compelled to incriminate yourself. However, many people who are charged with a crime make statements that are self-incriminating because they do not seek the advice of counsel. Don't make that mistake! Anything you say to the police during an investigation can and will be used against you in a court of law. Contact Tanya Boucher Conn for assistance! (806) 687-8111